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User Agreement / Terms Of Use
Mission Purpose. Traditional equine auction facilities involve stressful and often dangerous transport, followed by trauma from the environment and exposure to serious life threatening illnesses for the Horses. Kill buyers frequent these auctions and thrive because of them, putting the horse at risk of shipping to slaughter. Horses Of New Holland, LLC (HONH) understands the many reasons behind horses going to auctions. Often it's due to difficult and unforeseen circumstances the owners have faced, which can leave few options for finding their horse a new home. The purpose of this website is to help horses, and in turn, help the Buyers and Sellers. Sellers will be able to find a buyer in under a week, while keeping their horse safely and cost effectively at home. Buyers will be able to see horses all over the country from their own computer or cell phone, prepare for buying and transporting properly without the stressful time crunch, and bring their new horse directly home if they choose. Peace of mind on both ends can be achieved, and the horse wins in the end. HONH recognizes that the traditional method is outdated, counterproductive and high risk for Buyers, Sellers and Horses. We feel the website offers a solution and will make great improvements by offering this service to save time, money and lives. Win. Win. Win.

“User,” as set forth in these Terms of Use refers to anyone who uses this website including, but not limited to, a Buyer, Seller, or Transporter. User acknowledges that he or she has carefully read and agrees to HONH stated mission purpose above and agrees to the site terms and rules and agrees that such terms and rules are an integral part of this agreement and that such terms are incorporated into this agreement.

Once a horse has been sold through the site, it is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller to make the necessary arrangements for the pick up of the horse. Such arrangements must include a specific date, time and location. HONH is not responsible for making transportation arrangements between Buyer and Seller. User understands that HONH is not a party to the sale although HONH has provided a list of Transporters who HONH believes abide by the mission purpose of HONH and who have provided proof of required licenses and permits to transport horses. However, this is not a substitute for Buyers or Sellers to verify for themselves that the selected Transporter has the requisite licenses and permits and HONH recommends that Buyers and Sellers verify the Transporters credentials before hire.

User agrees that the use of this website shall not be for the purpose of reselling for slaughter, or shipping to slaughter barns, feed lots, kill pens or the like. The Buyer of any horse agrees that the purchased horse shall be the Buyers sole responsibility. Buyer shall provide proper care for the purchased horse, which includes at a minimum, food, water, shelter, veterinary and farrier care. Should Buyer ever need to sell the purchased horse, Buyer shall first contact HONH and list for sale

User agrees that any offer made by them that is the highest at end of  the allotted sale time, results in them becoming the Buyer. This is binding and Buyer agrees to pay that ending amount, plus the handling fee, to HONH within 24 hours.

Should any User breach these terms, User agrees to pay HONH liquidated damages in the amount of $10,000.00

User agrees that jurisdiction  for any legal proceeding arising out of the breach of this agreement shall be in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and further agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees, cost of suit and costs to enforce a judgment.

HONH has absolute discretion to determine who may use it's website and may remove any User, content or item from the website without prior notice. Although HONH makes every effort to verify that it's Users meet HONH standards before permitting participation through its website, HONH is not responsible for any mistakes in content or misrepresentations by Buyers or Sellers or Transporters. Users agree that enforcement of any agreement between Buyer,and Seller, and/or a Transporter, or claims for damages arising out of breach of any such agreement, shall be litigated in the state where the horse is physically located (or last known to be located) unless the parties agree otherwise.

HONH does not warrant or guarantee any of the horses sold through its website or Transporters listed on its website or any services related thereto, and under no circumstances shall HONH, its owner and any associates of, be liable for any claim or action arising out of the use of its website, including but not limited to the sale or transport of the horse. Any User of this website agrees to hold harmless and indemnify HONH, it's owner and any associates of, against any and all claims arising from any of its website, including but not limited to the sale or transport of the horse.

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